Ahn Young Bae's Narrative

Hyungmin Pai, Woo DonSun, Choi WonJoon

Korean architecture and its exterior space
Teaching career
Architectural career history


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Living History, a Modern Architect's live narrative begins

Ahn Young Bae's narrative, life biography

01 Housing design, study trip to America

02 New housing architecture trip

03 National Assembly building design process

04 Korean architecture and its exterior

05 Teaching career

06 Project activities


Introducing the Authors

An Young Bae Architect. He was born in 1932 in Youn Baek. In 1958 he graduated from Seoul National University and also earned his Master's in the same school. He worked in an architecture institute, Korean industrial bank, and ICA housing architecture institute during the mid 50s. In 1961 with the sponsor from ICA moved to America to attend University of Michigan and University of Washington. He was second place in the competition for designing the National Assembly Building in 1959. He eventually came to be placed in first for the National Assembly Building designing contest for Yoyido which was built in 1968. (New House?) (1964; 1978) was the only text book that covered 1960s housing architecture in that time, [Korean Architecture and its Exterior](1980) was also a book that covered traditional Korean architecture and is considered an important text for inspiring architects. And he was able to teach and educate talented youngsters from the Seoul National University, Kyunhyi University, and University of Seoul.


Hyungmin Pai, Graduated from Seoul National University and got his master's in a graduate school of environment. Studied history of architecture and architectural theory in MIT. He is now currently working as the chairman of Mokchon Architecture Archive and a professor in the University of Seoul.


Woo DonSun, Professor of architecture Korea National University of Arts. Graduated from Seoul National University. Then moved to Tokyo Japan to receive his master's from Tokyo National University.

Choi WonJoon Graduated and received his master's at the Seoul National University. He received his degree as a professor on architectural theory also in the Seoul National University. He worked in an architecture firm called (이로재?) And attended Colombia university in NY and is currently a professor teaching architecture in Soongsil University.