Kim Jung Sik

Background History

Kim Jung Sik (金正湜: 1935~present)

1935 born in Pyongyang

1958 graduated Seoul National University with a degree in architectural engineering

1966-1974 was the professor of engineering in the Seoul National University

1967 with his older brother Kim Jung Chul founded Junglim Architecture Laboratory

1973 became the chairman of Junglim Architecture

2007 founded DMP Architecture

Chungdong First Methodist Church, Yeoido MBC Art Center, Ehwa Women's University, Dankook University Chunan Campus, DACOM R&D Center, CBS Studio are examples of many of Architect Kim's accomplishments. After creating the Mokchon Kim Jung Sik foundation in 2010 he's been working on collecting, researching projects, documents, and methods of past architects from Korea. Architect Kim, in the Mokchon foundation focused on pursuing a research project to collect and archive materials of modern architecture and the main architect . He was nominated as the honorary member of the American Institute of Architects in 2010.


Source: Jeon BongHee, Woo DonSun, 2011


Mokchon Architecture Archive members Chun Bong Hui and Wu Dong Sun collected personal narrative of Kim Jung Sik in six sessions since 2010 May till September of that year. From those 6 sessions the first 3 were about Kim's youth, and the last 3 were about his past projects and architectural activities. These documents were published as [Kim Jung Sik's Narrative] and also a video recording of these interviews were documented.

Since the founding of Junglim Architecture Laboratory in 1967 he continued on his architecture life for 40 years. He collected 140 of his past projects and preserved 92 of the projects in the archives. Other documents such as old note books, sketchbooks from when he was a student to travel notes, photo and other sketches were all preserved as precious records to be kept in the archive.

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